Kiera Greenwood

Kiera recently graduated from the University of Leeds with a BA in English Literature and is currently attempting to find her feet in the editorial and publishing world. 


Born and bred in London, she has returned to the big smoke in the hopes of putting her degree to good use and no, before you ask, she most definitely does not want to be a teacher. 


Having modelled since the age of fourteen the fashion industry has had a big impact on Kiera’s outlook on life but, no longer quite fulfilled by being the face behind the camera, she wants to be recognised for her own creative abilities. 


An avid traveller, voracious reader and all round written word enthusiast, Kiera dreams of a role in which she can unite all of her passions.

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Home Base:



Modelling + Writting  

Life Motto:

We can sleep when we’re dead – life is for living! (Usually very effective when people start getting tired on a night out).


The early feminist and literary genius that was Jane Austen. I mean, would I really be a literature student if I didn’t give Austen a shout out? In all honesty though my mum is my hero – her love knows no bounds and her strength is inspirational.

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