Karimah Hassan

Karimah Hassan is a Welsh artist and designer. Born in Newport, from Yemeni and Bengali parents, Hassan now resides in London. Utilising her degree in architecture and extensive experience in graphic design and product development, Karimah is an emerging talent, she works with dancers, scientists and designers from across the world. 


Karimah’s art-work focuses on emotion, expression and spirit. In her latest project !DANCE! she is working with choreographers and dancers to showcase the many brilliant, diverse faces of dance through drawing.   


Her work has been exhibited in galleries worldwide, including Kyoto (Aqua Gallery- KCUA International Prints), Beijing (Beijing Design Festival- Modern Ink Painting), London (The Black and White Building- Emerging Artists) and Cardiff (Morgan Arcade - Solo Exhibition). 

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Home Base:

London + Cardiff 


Art + Graphic Design 

Life Motto:

Be patient, brave and go with your gut 


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