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Karimah Hassan

Born in Wales with Yemeni and Bangladeshi heritage, Karimah Hassan has an expressive, bold aesthetic and is heralded for ‘taking stories full circle, from the canvas to the streets’ as an influential street artist. The pivotal aspect of Karimah’s practice involves hosting ‘community showcase teasers’ under the disguise of an exhibition. In a curated line up, she exhibited her paintings alongside poetry readings, open-mic sessions, live jazz and even football matches. In this way, Karimah combines the artwork, the painting subject, and community members together in one space. 

Karimah creates live paintings at performance events across London in order to highlight the importance of communities in the city. Recent commissions include public murals for Toronto Arts Council, painted commission with Crxss Platfxrms Street Festival and a current group exhibition at the Maddox gallery.

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Home Base:



Visual Arts + Equality + Community + Painting + Street Culture + Place Making

Life Motto:

It's happening for you, not to you


India Arie, Lynette Yiadom-boakye, Maya Angelou and Cleo Wade - All creative women of colour with soul and courage

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