Karen Fleischmann

Karen is a Swiss model who, in 2016, invested her free time into connecting with sustainable designers and promoting sustainable fashion on her social media. With fast fashion at its peek, Karen felt like it was time to be the change. 


Bcozwecare was founded in February 2017 and started with a simple instagram account. Karen wanted to connect likeminded people and brands with sustainable products. At that time there were so many young creative visionaries spread all over the world, but they were fighting solo. Karen knew that if we wanted to change the world we could do it, but not on our own. It was time to get all these people together and spread the message: "we went too far and need to step back". Her aim was a conscious awakening, and half a year later Karen noticed that ethical brands were contacting her directly to promote their products. There obviously was a demand for authentic ambassadors. 

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Vivienne Westwood, Michelle Obama, Suzanna Vock, Sue Kreitzmann, Iris Apfel and many more