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Kaeleen Stammers 

Kaeleen is an advocate for love and seeker of harmonious energy. She is a model, writer, activist and creative director who takes pride in working with people who are excited about a diverse future. She has experience in creating branded content, organising campaigns for new businesses, administration, fashion and business overall. 


The driving force behind everything Kaeleen does is her love for people, genuine representation and conscious fashion. She works to reveal the beauty that the versatility of curvy models brings to fashion; artistry and expression doesn't have a shape and size. She believes every brand out there should be adopting inclusive practices that reflect diversity both behind and in front of the camera. For those who don't want to, may they be left behind in the ashes of old ways with their institutional actors alike. 

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Home Base:



Modelling + Writing + Casting + Curating 

Life Motto:

Be the love of your own life


Jill Scott, Amber Wagner + Viola Davis

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