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Julia Liewald 

Julia is half German, half Chinese and born and raised in Shanghai. She started her professional London life in a cooperate environment but never really felt at home in that world. She decided to leave and pursue a creative life, founding Vadana Jewellery, a brand that designs unique face jewellery for bold women who dare to stand out. Designed to highlight the eyes, the windows of the soul, for wearers it has also become a great conversation starter as onlooker's curiosity gets the better of them. Julia has found a simple and beautiful way to tap into human connection. 


Julia also works as a model, and loves that through her new creative journey she is able to meet so many passionate and interesting people. A self confessed victim of Wanderlust, Julia loves nothing more than exploring new places. 

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Home Base:



Modelling + Design + Travel  

Life Motto:

The little things, they're not so little 


My mother: at once a cut-throat, tough business woman who later turned to Buddhism and now dedicates her life to helping others. 

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