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Janice Sommer

Janice Sommer in a model, copywriter and content strategist with a passion for storytelling, focused on mission-driven, socially and environmentally conscious companies. 


Janice brings together a wide range of experience in the fashion, lifestyle, and financial industries, in start-up environments and corporate settings. Through her work as a model, she also co-founded the London branch of Model Mafia, a group of models working to create a more just, equitable and sustainable fashion industry and world. 


Since then, she has carved her own path. Combining her experience of the financial and corporate worlds, with the innovative spirit of the startup ecosystem and the creativity and passion of the fashion industry, she now works as a content strategist and copywriter with clients who have a strong sense of mission and social impact ingrained in their business. 


Janice graduated with an MA in International Relations and Economics from the University of St Andrews, Scotland. 


She is represented by Munich Models

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Home Base:

London + Berlin


Marketing + Sustainability 

Life Motto:

Always trust your gut feeling, it often knows more than your brain 


My mother - the strongest, bravest person I know 

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