Gabi Gershuny

Gabi Gershuny is an artist, writer, environmental activist and model. Through her work she uses creativity to raise awareness and inspire action on environmental issues. 


After graduating from a degree in Art History, Gabi worked in various galleries and auction houses across London and Berlin. However, she soon felt detached from her overwhelming interest and concerns with the environment and decided to branch out on her own; starting small and local.


She is the co-founder of Anthropo.cine - a London-based environmental film night - as well as the founder of Crawl Arts - an emerging environmental art platform, selling upcycled clothing and running creative educational programmes. 

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Art + Environmental Activism    

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The best way to create change is by taking things into our own hands, starting small and local


My sister, who has a fiercely independent mind, endless drive, and infectiously adventurous spirit

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