FN x NIKE London


Introduce the new urban sports bra, Indy, to London in a cool and organic way. 


We sent five of our girls a curated goodie bag with the new Indy sports bra included and gave them tickets to Afro Punk festival in London. 

The girls styled up their Indy bras how they wanted to and spent a hot summer's day together, having fun and looking great which created great, authentic, exposure for Nike's new product. 

Manon, our photographer, brought a polaroid camera and took a bunch of images which then filtered across social media for weeks to follow and Nike London included it on their Instagram story. 


Manon, Marin, Kenzie, Carmel +Emory

CLIENT: Nike London 

PRODUCT: Indy Sports bra Launch  

FORMAT: Live Exposure + Stills


DATE: July 2017 

CATEGORY: Sportswear