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FN x Kiehl's UK 


Promote Kiehl's 'Powerful Strength' concentrate in a fresh and fun way. 


On International Women's Day we asked 23 of our girls the question: what makes you feel powerful? and created a video for Kiehl's UK to use on their social media and for our girls to share too. 

We shot it at The All Bright club, an all-female private members club. 

The girls were then each gifted a Midnight Oil to keep. 


Tijana, Franzi, Bel, Cecile, Zoe, Hanna, Sabrina, Lily, Tanya, Manon, Mam Sham, Marin, India, Fifi, Jess, Katie, Kenzie, Maisie, Girls on Film 

CLIENT: Kiehl's UK 

PRODUCT: Social Media Content 

FORMAT: Video 


DATE: March 2018 

CATEGORY: Skincare 

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