FNxAG Jeans Social Campaign


Create content for AG Jean's social media channels to showcase the new spring collection 'La Nouvelle Vague'. 


We grabbed a group of our denim-loving girls and organised a street-style shoot in Marylebone to show how the AG Jeans spring collection could be mixed and matched to suit your personal style.

We took the opportunity to include some of Nina Chanh's jewellery pieces and Marell Kull's hats. 

We also sent some pieces to our girls abroad so they could create content in their style too. 

Each girl kept her favourite things and in this way more content will be created in the future as they travel and live in their AG Jeans. 


Sabrina Cichy - Photographer + Art Director 

Amy Lafayette - Styling 

Ellea Taylor - Make-up artist 

Megan Lane - Make-up artist 

Tijana Tamburic - Talent + Producer 

Franziska Klein - Talent + Co-producer

Annabell Ratter - Talent 

Kenzie May - Talent 

Fifi Newbery - Talent

Savannah Blake - Talent

Chelsea Taylor - Talent (via Los Angeles)


PRODUCT: Social Media Content 

FORMAT: Stills


DATE: March 2017 

CATEGORY: Contemporary Fashion  

BTS Video by Fifi Newbery