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Emi Papanikola

Emi Papanikola is a fashion stylist based in London. 


She moved to the UK from Greece10 years ago to study architecture but soon after graduating she decided to pursue her real fascination - fashion! Ever since then she has worked at magazines including Elle UK, British Vogue, Stylist Magazine, Noctis and HUNGER. She’s contributed to e-commerce companies like ASOS, Matches Fashion, Farfetch and Koibird. 


Recently she launched her very own online shop, KÍRKE, which features ethical and sustainable independent designers from around the world, providing them with a hub that caters and promotes buying quality products rather than buying from mass produced brands. 


Through her work she wishes to encourage women that fashion is not about fleeting trends that promote vanity but is a way of self-expression, which can be (and should be) used to communicate feelings, ideas and social issues.

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Fashion Styling

Life Motto:

Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as strength! 


Virginia Wolf & Louise Bourgeois (can’t choose!) 

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