DOMOVINA: A Short Film


Earlier this year a group of FN film-makers and creatives went to Serbia, a highly contested and often misunderstood country.


Together they created a short film called DOMOVINA (meaning Homeland in Serbian). 

It was their passion project to contemplate the notion of the word ‘home’ and what it means to our current generation of global millennial citizens and for the future. 

What does home mean if you of mixed heritage? If you were raised in several places? If you are always moving? 


Our protagonist, through moments of recorded conversation, describes what home means to her. Through her story of nostalgia we are taken on a visual tour of Serbia, from its socialist-architecture-filled capital Belgrade to its medieval capital, Krusevac (now a town on the edge of collapse) to deep in its beautiful nature, fields and farms. 


All the clothes in the video are made in the Mykke Hofmann female-owned factory in the village of Umcari, 35km from Belgrade, by a group of incredible women trying to revive the Serbian textile industry. 


Producer: Tijana Tamburic

Director/ DOP: Julia Shashkina 

Location Scout + assistant: Ljubica Arsic  

Composer: Ivana Djordjevic 

CLIENT: Mykke Hofmann  

PRODUCT: Women's Wear  

FORMAT: Film  


DATE: October 2018