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Danielle Copperman

Danielle is a model, entrepreneur, writer, author of Well Beingnatural living ambassador and sustainability activist. Born in Bath, Danielle moved to London aged 18 to model. Whilst trying to stay slim yet healthy, Danielle began researching and then studying biology and then diet and nutrition to better understand how to manage her day-to-day health. She began her blog (Model Mange Tout) where she shared all-natural and functional recipes.


From recipes, natural beauty and sustainable style, to interviews and discussions, inspiration, wellness stories and advice, all the content on her website and social media and in her book, Well Being, is underpinned by a passion for meaningful and mindful living, not just physically through recipes and rituals, but also internally, mentally and emotionally. 


After setting up her blog, Danielle's turned one of her most popular recipes into a business, which is now a global operation. Her unique quinoa granola products, Qnola, are available worldwide and encourage people to wake up well.


Danielle also hosts events in and around London and has previously held retreats, consulted on wellness programs for hotels and gyms and designed menu's for hotels and restaurants.

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Home Base:



Modelling + Writing + 

Wellbeing + Sustainability + Philanthropy

Life Motto:

Go with the flow. You are the captain of your own ship. Nothing is real and everything is possible. We are all a work in progress.


Natalie Portman. So strong, so sensible, so talented, so powerful, so determined and so incredibly unfazed by fame. I admire anyone who can remain so grounded and real whilst being so influential.

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