Charlotte J Ward

Charlotte was brought up between Lyon, and Paris, until moving to the English countryside at the age of 17. After graduating from the London College of Communication with a Photography BA (Hons), in June 2014 she has lived the life of a nomad, which has considerably fed her practice as a photographer. 


Travel- physical like fictional - is an important stimulant and component of Charlotte's work. 

Whether it be in her home countries (France & England) or abroad, her main interest lies in people and human behaviours. She documents people and social phenomenons around her in an anthropological way, using photography, but also text as her mediums.


Charlotte learnt how to make clothes from her grandmother in the South of France. After coming back from living in India for 7 months last summer, Charlotte started experimenting with fabrics, and came up with a simple and comfortable design for women. It is at that point that she imagined Bombae - a 'single outfit brand’. In January she will be going back to India to explore, and source more fabrics, hopefully resulting in the launch of Bombae at the beginning of summer 2017…. stay tuned!


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Photography + Clothing Design + Making + Writing 

Life Motto:

Qui ne tente rien, n’a rien 

I always say this in French, but have found the English equivalent: “nothing ventured. nothing gained”


Vandana Shiva (an Indian scholar, environmentalist and anti-globalization author) - and of course, my grandmother and mother!

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