Cecília Erismann

Cecília Erismann is a Brazilian poet and artist with a social science and philosophical background.


Coming from a half Brazilian, half Swiss family, she has dedicated much of her attention to poetry, art and interdisciplinary projects and events, taking part and organizing several of them across the world. ‘Dialogue’ and ‘encounter’ are key words not only in her written work, but also in her work with other ways of expression and communication.  


After several projects, Cecília remains intent on carrying her poetry beyond the paper form, frequently using other mediums, ways of narratives, collaborations and an openness towards the interchange between her words and others – by placing them between the two, by addressing them always to ‘you’.


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Poetry + Poetic Events Production 

Life Motto:

Miracles happen on a daily basis for those who have the courage of dreaming with their own hands – together and awake


My sister, mother and grandmothers, who are an example of how to be a strong and wonderful women and Clarice Lispector, who has such deep, female, writing without loosing her ‘universal’ voice or her attempt to always address her words to you.