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Cecile Sinclair 

Cecile is an actress who wants to challenge ideas through the medium of film and theatre as well as create beautiful work that allows vulnerability along with other emotions we are too afraid to show ourselves.


This is why Meryl Streep inspired her to take to training as an actress after spending 10 years in front of the camera as a model.

Living by the statement that women can make their own work, Cecile acted in and co-produced, under her co-founded company Dutch Dame Productions, the play Nuns. Nuns was on at the Tristan Bates theatre in the West End in January  and all 14 nights were sold out. The show was an all-female self-funded project and had much acclaim. 

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Home Base:



Acting + Modelling + Philanthropy 

Life Motto:

F*ck it. Or more politely put: Let the great world spin (I have this tattooed) I used to be an anxious over-thinker, but you need to be present and stop worrying about things you can’t change (past) or what you have no control over (future). 


Meryl streep. She once said 'giving a voice to characters that have no other voice—that’s the great worth of what we do.” 

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