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Cecile Sinclair 

Cecile is an actor, occasional producer and forever-class-taker! 


Cecile can be found to be taking any type of class to add to her skill set; from Pole dancing to Drum lessons, horse riding to French oral. If anyone needs a class buddy cheering them on- she’s your gal.

Recently cast in Ted Lasso (S3 Ep6) as a Dutch Waitress, Cecile also booked her first feature film role which is soon to be released November this year (2023).


Cecile co-founded the DutchDame production company with which she Co-starred and -produced the all-female (cast and crew) sell out play titled NUNS in 2019 More recently, She also co-starred in and Co-produced “Tell Us” with some amazing FN extras helping out; a short film written by, Co-produced and Co-starring Rebecca Wilson.

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Home Base:



Acting + Philanthropy + production + spirituality + Film & TV 

Life Motto:

I’m actually in need of new mantras. 

But if there’s a class in it; I’ll take it! 

I guess Go with the Flow?


If I had to pick something close to home; I’d say friends including anyone of FN ;)

In Acting I’d say Meryl Streep. She once said "giving a voice to characters that have no other voice—that’s the great worth of what we do.” 

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