CCUNITY Campaign 


Create the campaign images and stories for new US brand City of Colors Unity. 


CCUNITY is a brand where you shop by five powerful life-themes. In order to reflect the power of these themes we wanted to find and showcase 'passion pursuers' that live their lives according to these themes; tell the stories of real, authentic people and their incredible work in order to help viewers understand that this was an authentic and human brand. As a bonus, they have almost 350K followers on Instagram. 


We shot a portrait series with 15 individuals that comprised the core campaign - creating a triptych of images that tells both their story and the story behind the T-shirt they are wearing. Each person was them interviewed and short articles written about them to go up on CCUNITY's website. 

We also created a viral video and did a series of images shot on film in an urban, London, environment to create more content for the brand's social media platforms. 


Tijana Tamburic - Project Manager + Copy Writer 

Franziska Klein - Producer 

Savannah Blake - Film Photographer + Talent 

Megan Lane - Make-up artist + Talent 

Marie Schmidt - Videographer 

Anna-Maria Lubitz - Talent 

Gabi Gershuny - Talent 

Tali Fergus - Talent 

Pia Kristine Cruz - Talent 

Nik Hartley - Studio photographer + close friend of FN 

+ all our amazing male talent! 

CLIENT: City of Colors Unity  

PRODUCT: Campaign  

FORMAT: Images + Copy + Video


DATE: April 2017 

CATEGORY:  Fashion + Philanthropy  

Video by Marie Schmidt