Capucine Fachot

Capucine is a reportage photographer and visual content creator and curator. She studied Photography and Journalism in London and is from France. 


She now works freelance in Istanbul for magazines (Monocle, The Guide Istanbul etc.) and consults brands on their visual identity. Alongside this, she is working with a travel platform, an art gallery and festivals, all entering the new contemporary art market in one of the most thriving cities at the moment: Istanbul.


Capucine does web-development and is a self-taught graphic designer and video editor. She recently developed the newsletter Copious Copy: a weekly cosmos of words about metaphysics and enlightenment, through science and spirituality.

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Storytelling + Photography

Life Motto:

Learn to grow wherever life plants you


Every women inspires me, when you see their strength through the love they spread around, and the battles they have to keep on fighting, every hour. When despite the ego, and society's way of bringing us down, we all get up and spread a positive message. True strength is not competitiveness but love and kindness and understanding. 

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