BUMBLE: Success Stories 


Bumble wanted to share some real Bumble success stories on social media, in a fun way. 


We gathered 10 couples from the UK, Germany and Spain, to tell their love stories. 

We filmed them asking each other funny ice-breaker questions like 'whats the worst gift I've ever given you?' and then interviewed them about their relationship; from what they first thought of each other's Bumble profiles to how often they see each other now. 

We spoke to couples who were just about to move in together, who had gotten married and who were just about to have a baby (2 days after the filming in fact little Esme was born!) 

We also shot pictures and giffs of them outside.


Producers: Tijana + Franzi 

Production assistants: Hanna Hultberg + Camelia Abidi 

Videographer: Andrew Spicer (friend of FN!) 

Photographer: Stephanie Sian Smith 

Makeup artists: Lucinda Worth + Ellea Taylor 

Lovers: Megan Rose Lane + Sandra Malek + Marie Schmidt 

CLIENT: Bumble  

PRODUCT: Success Stories  

FORMAT: Video + Stills 


DATE: October 2018