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BUMBLE: Success Stories #3

Bumble_068 1.jpg


Bumble wanted to share some real Bumble success stories on social media, in a fun way. This time focusing on German and India.


We gathered 6 couples from Germany and India

We filmed them asking each other funny ice-breaker questions like 'whats the worst gift I've ever given you?' and then interviewed them about their relationship; from what they first thought of each other's Bumble profiles to how often they see each other now. 

We also shot pictures and giffs for social media usage. 


Producers: Tijana + Franzi 

Production assistant + Stylist: Johanna MacDonald

Director: Katia Ganfield 

DOP: Timothy Wood (friend of FN!)

Camera Assistant: Kit Sullivan 

Photographer: Georgia Shane

Makeup artists: Lucinda Worth 

Translator: Franzi

CLIENT: Bumble  

PRODUCT: Success Stories  

FORMAT: Video + Stills 


DATE: April 2019 


Bumble_067 1 copy
Bumble_027 1 copy
Bumble_017 copy
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