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Bianca Monica

Bianca is a New York based musician and creator.

Songstress by night, full time hustler by day, Bianca left her cushy editorial position at UrbanDaddy to embark on the journey of Limone Creative: a 360--brand agency focusing on social and digital media that she founded.


In-between filming her music video, and packing the house at Pianos in New York City, Bianca saw a window of opportunity in the branding space. With a background in social media and a knack for strategic development she had a strong vision for how to grasp creative expression for brands to bring their identities to life.

Her new single 'Phases' is now available on Spotify and iTunes. 

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Home Base:

New York 


Music + Digital Marketing


Life Motto:

Every day I write in my journal “today will be a positive day”, so that’s my life motto 


Simone De Beauvoir

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