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Bel Merid 

Bel leads Meta’s strategy for working with thought leaders in the UK and Scandinavia. She convenes and manages top innovators, public figures, creators and experts across various industries to celebrate and amplify their impact across Meta’s family of apps (Instagram, Facebook, Oculus and Whatsapp); currently focusing on working with top film directors and chefs. 


Previously Bel worked for start-ups within Blockchain and AI as well as within creative agencies servicing brands inclusive of Instagram, Bumble, Royal Bank of Scotland and Nike. Bel led the production for our campaign for Church’s shoes (#Solemates), which was viewed over 1 million times on Instagram and was featured in Vogue Italy as one of the best AW19 campaigns. 


She has a Msc in Media and Communications from the London School of Economics with distinctions across modules on media, strategic communications and technology. The intersection between tech, media and community is her sweet spot and she recently co-founded community ARCAYA, a vessel for curious and creative women looking to forge a path from Web2 to Web3 alongside Female Narratives co-founder Tijana Tamburic. 

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Home Base:



Creative Strategy + Partnerships + Talent Management + Events + Social Media Campaigns + Production + Web3

Life Motto:

Make it happen


Queen Esther, a young Jewish woman living in the Persian diaspora, is someone I find pretty badass as she stayed true to herself no matter the situation! Her story is a refreshing reminder to persevere as well as move boldly and bravely through life!​

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