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Annabell Ratter

Annabell hails from Munich, the city famous for its beer festival. Being from the South of Germany, she was born with skis on her feet. 


Annabell is a German entrepreneur, model, and content creator currently living in the bustling city of London. She's the co-founder of 'Today We Love' and she's the type who will tell it as she sees it. 


Besides being a model she offers her expertise as a freelance Marketing & Social Media Manager to brands. Annabell works across all areas of digital marketing. She is both creative and strategic and passionate about helping business to grow and thrive online. 

This job enables Annabell to use her creative eye, her photography skills as well as making use of her experience from being a model (productions of shoots, styling etc.) and her insights from running a blog. 


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Life Motto:

Don't take life too seriously 


Karlie Kloss and the work she does with Kode With Klossy 

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