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Anna-Sophie Mungenast

Anna-Sophie Mungenast began her modelling career in Japan after she was discovered at the University of Vienna. Following a two-year mind-expanding experience in Tokyo and Shanghai, she re-located to New York City where she worked in the fashion industry for almost a decade.


Observative by nature, she got insights in all aspects of production of photoshoots and often found herself translating between clients and photographers, art directors and stylists, clients and make up artists. 12 Years into her career, bursting with creativity and knowledge acquired at photoshoots around the world, she founded Leopard Studios and is now best known as a creative director, strategist and producer, while still being booked as an agency signed fashion model.

Anna-Sophie has been featured in various  magazines, such as Tatler UK, Vogue US, Harpers Bazaar US, Elle España, Glamour,  and InStyle to name a few. She worked with major fashion and skin care brands for their advertising campaigns as well as TV commercials.

Anna-Sophie is fluent in German, English and Russian and holds a Bachelors degree.

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