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We are an integrated creative agency that operates using a collective of female freelancers to connect brands to real women and real stories - directly.


We create, produce and execute content focusing on fresh narratives, dynamic strategies and unconventional mediums collaborating across all aspects with proactive, inspiring and creative women. We think outside the box and offer audiences something new to think about and be a part of. 



If you are a female freelance creative that wants to create original and inspiring content we want you in our collective. Join, showcase your passions and previous work and be part of something you feel safe and supported in. We are London-based but globally affiliated. In this digital age we have no geographical boundaries to who can join. Just e-mail us and introduce yourself!


How is your brand perceived? Do you want to be known as a brand that is supporting and promoting female creatives? If so, we are your girls. We tell authentic and inspiring stories for brands using real, creative, women and find partnership and ambassador opportunities.  


Be part of the movement. 

In an age of freelancers and startups it's time for a new way to create and collaborate. 
We create authentic stories for brands by supporting a collective of inspiring and empowered women. 
We are not just a pretty face. 
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